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Parking Products Inc. (PPI) is a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of a complete range of systems for the parking and vehicle access control industry. Founded in 1969 in suburban Philadelphia, PPI is one of the oldest continually operating American manufacturers in the parking industry.

With over four decades of experience, PPI equipment is designed around a simple philosophy: build products that are durable, easy to use and easy to maintain. PPI equipment is designed with the parking operator in mind to offer both maximum dependability, durability and serviceability, therefore reducing operating costs over the life of the equipment.

PPI equipment is installed the world over and is sold through a national and international distribution network.

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    MCO-630 Magnetic Card Reader

    The MCO-630 is a simple low cost magnetic card reader for facilities where a programmable system is ...


    SAC-4158 Smart Card Reader

    The SAC-4158 is a stand alone proximity card reader for facilities wanting control over users but wh...


    SAC-4159 Smart Card Reader

    The SAC-4159 is a programmable proximity card reader that can operate in an on line or off line mode...


    DBC-9029 Keypad

    The DBC-9029 is a single code keypad that offers an economical alternative to a card reader. The key...


    Universal Gate UG-141

    Barrier gate for standard parking applications - garages, surface lots, etc. with an arm up to 12 ft...


    Power Gate PG-541

    Industrial gate for wide openings. Ideal for truck terminals, industrial plants, or areas used prima...


    Directional Enforcers DE-9600 & DE-9601

    The directional enforcer allows traffic to move in only one direction. Moving in the wrong direction...


    Ticket Issuing Machines TIM-20 & TIM-21

    PPI offers 2 types of ticket machines: the TIM-20 issues a 2" by 5" paper ticket. This ticket is pri...


    Exit Reader TR-21

    Exit Reader for use in central or "time lag" systems. The TR-21 is used at the exits of a facility t...


    Loop Detector KDS-2001

    Single channel loop detector for detecting the presence of a vehicle over an in-ground sensor loop. ...


    Differential Counter DC-1100

    The DC-1100 Differential Counter counts the number of free spaces in a parking facility. The counter...


    TPC-300 Series Fee Computers

    The TPC-300 Series Fee Computers represent a complete cashiering solution. There are 3 versions: ...



    The venStation is a full featured pay station for unattended revenue control systems. The unit will ...